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Beijing Cisile 2018

Time:2018-05-09  Read:

On April 23rd, the 16th China International Scientific Instrument and Laboratory Equipment Exhibition (CISILE2018) hosted mainly by the China Instrument and Meter Industry Association and administered by Beijing Ramp Exhibition Co., Ltd, ended successfully at the Beijing National Convention Center.

The scale of this exhibition has reached a high record, mainly bring together more than 700 companies and distributors and agents from the United States, Canada, France, Japan, South Korea, the United Kingdom, China Taiwan and other countries and regions, and our agents come to visit and negotiate with us . more than 100 new companies to the previous session. CISILE has now become one of the largest and highest-level international professional exhibitions in the field of scientific instruments in China, and it is Asia's top laboratory equipment exhibition.

The exhibition scope of this year is mainly based on laboratory instruments and equipment, involving new products in various subdivided fields, such as optical instruments, life science instruments, materials mechanics performance, test equipment, medical and health special instruments, instrument parts and other scientific instruments and new technology, behind every scientific research achievement, we do not know how much hardship and sweat we have paid. The equipment on the platform is no longer cold, but a living life. It is the result of the efforts of the researchers.


The ICP-6800 Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometer (ICP-ICP emission spectrometer) was introduced at the CISILE Show for the first time, and developed by Macylab instruments. after years of technological accumulation. The ICP spectrometer is used to measure the contents of trace elements, trace metals, or non-metal elements in various substances (dissolvable in hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, hydrofluoric acid, etc.), with high degree of automation, easy operation, and stability and reliability. At present, the instrument is widely used in various fields such as rare earth, geology, metallurgy, chemical industry, environmental protection, clinical medicine, petroleum products, semiconductor, food, biological samples, criminal science, and agricultural research.

The AFS-680 atomic fluorescence spectrophotometer is also being exhibited for the first time at CISILE. It is widely used in teaching research, health epidemic prevention, medical clinical testing, drug testing, food hygiene inspection, urban water supply and drainage inspection, agricultural product inspection, beverage testing, and environmental monitoring. Cosmetics inspection, metallurgical sample inspection, geological survey and other industries, innovative software and hardware design to ensure the accuracy of sample analysis, security, ease of use, the instrument maintenance is simple and convenient.


Our booth is famous in the exhibtion, there is a continuous stream of visitors from time to time. They will discuss and cooperate with each other. The major forums were packed with seats, and they quietly listened to the industry’s latest information during the preaching. When the discussion was held, all the flowers blossomed together ,they shared cutting-edge technologies and research results, and exchanged discussions on industrial policies.


Finally, we would also like to thank the audience for their visits to our booth .and thank the international friends for their visit to our country and thank the staff for their hard work. Although CISILE2018 has closed, the road to science and technology will continue. Let us meet in the next edition of CISILE2019 at the Beijing National Convention Center on March 27-29, 2019!

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